We actually did not know each other at all and just sort of decided to
form a group considering that we didn't really know anyone else in
class.  We needed a group so really chose each other based seating
arrangements in class.  Having this group turned out to be
beneficial...at first we met every week to discuss chemistry and the
project, but then people's schedules got hectic and our meetings
decreased.  Our meeting became more sporadic and we would always meet
before tests at least once.  During the chapters on chiral molecules, we
found the group to be the most helpful.  We got together and built a
whole bunch of different molecules and determined whether they were S or
R.  It really helped us.  We've kind of found though that we meet if
someone requests it more than on a regular schedule b/c we all do well
studying on our own but it's good to have people in class that you know
and we were always willing to meet and help each other if necessary.
As far as the project was concerned, we had trouble deciding on an
article, but then Heather got a really good idea and we took it from
there.  We thought our project was good, but apparently Group 3 did not
(we aren't bitter :) ). 
Overall, it was nice to know people b/c during class we are busy taking
notes and don't have time to talk, so we wouldn't have had someone class
to consult if we had a question.