Group 6 Dynamics  The Ethanol Absorbers

Three out of four members of our group live together, so we met whether
we wanted to or not.  Sometimes at breakfast our group would meet
unintentionally, sometimes at lunch, sometimes at dinner.  In fact we
had to plan ahead when we didn't want to meet.  Seriously, we had a good
situation.  Any time any of us wanted help, there was another nearby to
answer questions.  We were able to draw upon each other's skills in
order to make up for our individual inadequacies.  Brian Mcvey, the only
group member outside of the house, came over to study with us
periodically.  We helped each other to prepare for the tests and
understand hard concepts.  
Overall, the dynamics were excellent.  Everyone got along well, and each
member was able to make significant contributions.  Stressing
improvement and study techniques was high on our priority list.  Another
goal of ours was to better ourselves through group interactions.  The
material at times was overwhelming, and group work helped to clarify our
understanding and to test our knowledge.  We really felt that it was
beneficial to meet regularly to study.  
Our group project chilled together nicely.  We all got together and came
up with an interesting topic.  From there, everyone helped to further
the project along.  Some members helped with research, some writing, and
some editing.  Sometimes we would argue about the material, but this
only led us to greater understanding.  We learned the importance of
testing each other, and always questioning what we thought we knew.  The
more we learned, the more we realized we were ignorant of, yet this only
drove us to study more.  Professor Glaser was a great motivator because
he knew what we were capable of if we put our minds to it.  Constructive
Criticism is helpful when evaluating oneself.  

Know thyself.  -Socrates 
Know thy Chem216 material.  -The Ethanol Absorbers