Group 7 Dynamics--Vinanna

There's not much to say about our group.  It wasn't like we made a
special effort to meet with each other and study; it just happened. The
situation we have is a little ironic.  We both met each other over the
summer in Chemistry 33 working together as lab partners.  We disputed
over our friendship at a party when Anna introduced me to her friend as
her "lab partner, Vinay," instead of her friend. A little argument broke
out, as to if we were only lab partners or friends.  We decided on
friends.  Ever since then we have become very close and we hope to keep
it that way.  But, just for laughs, every now and then, we introduce our
selves as "lab partners."    

So why ruin such a good combination? We decided to become partners in
Organic Chemistry.  We have learned a lot from each other this semester,
but it wasn't only from our group meetings.  It was because we were good
friends.  We both cared about how the other performed in the class.  We
challenged one another, and we weren't afraid to ask for help.  There
were no set times for group meetings, it was an ever-going learning
experience, with all the benefits.  We had our ups and our downs.
However, we always made it though them.

Just recently, we joined with another group.  We already had a good
combination our selves, but working with this other group made us work
even harder.  They added a new insight and we both enjoyed working with
them.  They were a very intelligent bunch with very open minds.  We
would like to thank them for letting us join with them.

As for group work in general, we are both very supportive.  We believe
that working together not only helps you learn more, but also pushes
each individual to work harder.  The same goes for the professor.  We
both have worked very hard in this class to please one person besides
our selves, and that was Dr. Glaser.  We have to say that we never had
such a professor that cares about our performance as much as we do.

Good Luck to every one next semester!