The group met on two separate occasions: one evening and one afternoon 
when all of our schedules were open at the computer Lab of the Beta Theta 
Pi fraternity house.  The Lab was very convenient because there are six 
computers in the lab and is conducive to group projects, as we could all 
"surf the web" at the same time.  Blake and David Cornelius created and 
answered the questions, while Chris and the beautiful Jenny Weeks wrote 
the editorial comments.  One problem we encountered in the project was a 
conflict in what date we wanted to have the project finalized.  Also, we 
only found about a baker's dozen worth of articles on Viagra.  However, 
our choice was pretty darn easy as only one of the articles seemed to fit 
the project's guidelines.  We all learned that in a group project such as 
this, the work must be divided up and everyone must be able to trust the 
others' ability in getting their part of the project done.  We were not 
able to meet every Sunday to study together, but we were able to meet 
about 8 out of every 10.  These meetings in the Beta Theta Pi computer lab 
helped out immensely.  We all feel that the group learning aspect improved 
our understanding of the subject and allowed us to dive in a little deeper 
into the organic chemistry of Viagra.  We all felt like we benefited from 
the group activities, as we all had different questions which others in 
the group were able to answer.  Each member of the group seemed to see the 
material in different directions, and we were all able to merge into one 
fine learning machine.