Group 9 
Group Dynamics Report 

        Group 9 is composed of former Chem41 students.  We decided to be a 
group because we took Chem41 together and already knew each other.  In the 
beginning we had high aspirations for meeting at least weekly in the 
Schlundt Computer Lab.  However, with conflicting schedules and whatnot, 
it became difficult to meet.  Nonetheless, when we did find time to get 
together (at least before every test), it was usually in the computer lab 
and was always helpful.  It is nice to know people who will help answer 
your questions.  Overall though, it would have been most helpful had we 
been able to meet more frequently.
        Once we began the Chemistry in the News project, we met much more 
regularly - for at least two hours nightly.  We worked well together 
finding an appropriate and interesting article while taking into consideration 
each person's opinions.  While we contemplated various alternative 
articles, we eventually settled on the one about Teflon and finished the 
project smoothly with everyone's help.  Everyone worked diligently and 
contributed to the final product-with which we are very happy.
        We think that group activities are a good idea and a great way to 
get to know others in class.  Our only misgiving is that of finding the 
time to meet.  Altogether, we would participate in this sort of activity