Solar Energy and Other Renewables
National Geographic: Test Your Energy Smarts, Energy Quiz, Global Warming Quiz
The Energy Story: Overview of Energy Sources Overview of Alternative Energy Sources
U.S. Energy Information Administration and, at EIA Kids, Renewable Energy Sources
Renewable Green Energy Power
SolarEnergy - Your Infinite Resource
Solar Energy International (SEI) - renewable energy education for a sustainable future
2013-03-23 on Life after Gas and Oil with Graphic

Solar Power Basic: Solar Power Avoids CO2 Emission
Determining the CO2 Emissions Averted by the Use of Solar Power

Solar Power I: Sun --> Heating
Conventional and Nanofluid Solar Hot Water Technologies
Environmental Assessment of the CIESOL Solar Building
Solar Vapor Generation

Solar Power II: Sun --(Heating)--> Electricity
Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)

Solar Power III: Sun --(Solar Cells)--> Electricity
Solar Photovoltaic Cells (non-organic, 1981)
Photoelectrochemical Solar Cell (non-organic, 1983)
TiO2 Films Modified with Inorganic Sensitizers (DSSC, 1997, Meyer)
Natural Dye-Sensitized Nanocrystalline Energy Converter (DSSC, 1998, Graetzel)
Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC, 2010, Meyer on Graetzel, Millennium)
Modeling of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC, 2012, mechanism)
Molecular Engineering of Organic Sensitizers for Solar-CellApplications (DSSC, 2013, Graetzel)
Sensitization of p-type Semiconductors (DSSC-p, 2010)
Phenothiazine-Sensitized Organic Solar Cells (DSSC, 2012)
Fine-Tuning of the Cobalt(II)/(III) Redox Potential through Lewis Base Interactions (DSSC, 2012)
Morphology of Semiconductor Blends (PSC, 2006, blending)
Design of a Successful Material for Organic Photovoltaics (PSC, 2007, JCE)
Novel Conjugated Donor Polymers Bulk-Heterojunction Photovoltaics (PSC, 2009, BHJ)
Photovoltaic Materials for Polymer Solar Cells (PSC, 2012, BHJ)

Solar Power IV: Sun --(Photocatalysis)--> Fuels
Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production
Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution
Enhanced Photoassisted Water Electrolysis
Photocatalytic Water Reduction with Copper-Based Photosensitizers
Water Splitting Using Dye- Sensitized Oxide Semiconductors

Solar Power V: Sun --(Biomass)--> Fuels
Ethanol from Corn
Biodiesel from Algal Lipids