Schedule, Chemistry 3700, Spring 2014
Posted: January 14, 2014. Last Update: April 2, 2014.

Week of Theme Resource/Software Assignment Review
Jan. 20 The Standards
Jan. 27 Words & Text Word Wed., 01/29: A01
Feb. 3 Data Presentation: Tables & Schemes ChemDraw, Word Wed., 02/05: A02 Wed., 02/05: A01
Feb. 10 Data Analysis I: Statistics & Graphing Excel Wed., 02/12: A03 Wed., 02/12: A02
Feb. 17 Data Analysis II: Statistics & Graphing Excel Wed., 02/19: A04 Wed., 02/19: A03
Feb. 24 Search & Bibliography SciFinder, Word Wed., 02/26: A05, A06 Wed., 02/26: A04
March 3 Citation & Reference Section; Article & Slides Powerpoint Wed., 03/05: A05
March 10 Oral Presentation Week All Resources All Week: A06
March 17 Structure and Modeling Chem3D, Jmol etc. Wed., 03/19: A07
March 24 SPRING BREAK H2O, SiO2 & hνs
March 31 Materials and Methods, Appendix
M: Overview A08-A11, Assign A08 & A09. W: JOC Guidelines for Authors. F: Work on A08 (MMA).
JOC Guide for Authors MWF: A08, A09 Fri., 04/04: A07
April 7 Writing a Paper & Selecting a Journal
M: Selecting Journals. More on A09. W: No Meeting. F: Work on A09 (Paper).
ACS Ethics Guidelines Fri., 04/11, A08
April 14 Publication Ethics & Plagiarism
M: ACS Ethics Guidelines. W: PR Example. Assign A10. F: Work on A10 (Written PRs)
Peer Review Example Wed., 04/16, A10 Wed., 04/16, A09 (IR)
Fri., 04/18, A09 (PR)
April 21 Revising & Responding to Editors and Referees
M: General Education Assessment Test. W: PR Example. Assign A11. F: Work on A11 (Rev.).
Wed., 04/23, A11
April 30 Scientific Conduct and Misconduct
M & W: PR Cases. F: ORI Cases.
PR- & ORI-Cases Wed., 04/30, A11
Fri., 05/02, PR(A11) complete.
May 5 Science & Society -- May 9: Reading Day Mellon Lecture