March for Science at MU
Earth Day, April 22, 2017

The CHEM 3700 Science Communication Event in SP17:
Students Take On the Mizzou SCAPE Science Festival!

A stand, a poster, a quiz, and a dry ice play station for kids of all ages...
... and free pizza thanks to Chris and our sponsor Shakespeare's Pizza!

Above from left to right: Tyler, Melissa and Joe

The Quiz: How many gallons of octane yield 2 pounds of CO2?
Quiz, Responses and Winner of Shakespeare's Gift Certificate.

Above from left to right: Aurion (350), Ethan (405), and Kevin (480).

The main messages:
Today: 405 ppm.
Where we should be: 350 ppm.
Where we will most likely be in 2 generations: 480 ppm.

Above left from left to right: Ethan (350), Aurion (405), and Parker (Polar Bear).
Above right from left to right: Aurion (no sign), Justin (bear), Kevin (480), Libby (350), and Emily (405).