Weekly Assignments on "Scientific Writing":
Opioid Epidemic: Uses, Abuses, and Innovation

Revision of Assignment Framework beginning with SP16: Former A01 was split into new A01a and new A01b and former A07 was omitted. This framework revision (a) places greater emphasis on reading, summarizing and paraphrasing in new A01a, (b) clearly focuses on source-to-reference inversion and paragraph writing in new A01b, and (c) allows more lecture time to instruct about publication formats and content resources early in the course. The numbering of A02 - A06 is retained to preserve correspondence with earlier implementations. Two minor changes consist in the additions of Samples for A09 and A10 so that examples of student-written cover letters (in A09) and of student-written peer reviews (in A10) will become available for the implementation in SP18 and thereafter.

About "Samples"
Samples of work submitted in previous semesters in response to Assignment A%% of the same types are posted on the course web sites on the Assignment pages for previous semesters. Exemplary samples of submissions made in the current semester will be posted on the Assignments page of the current semester after A%% activities will have been completed (and only with consent of all student authors). Use the posted samples from previous semesters for guidance.

Note that the posted samples are not perfect in every detail. They are examples of student work which received usually among the highest peer review scores (but not necessarily 20/20) at that time. Following the samples exactly does not guarantee a perfect score. The samples are just guidelines and they should be used in conjunction with the peer review sheets and a close reading of the assignment.

Assignment #1a: Prewriting Activities, Summarizing and Paraphrasing (01/08/18). Rubric (01/08/18). Sample as PDF and as DOCX.
Assignment #1b: Source-to-Reference Inversion and Writing Paragraphs (01/08/18). Rubric (01/08/18). Sample as PDF and as DOCX.
Assignment #2: Creating & Integrating Schemes (01/08/18). Rubric (01/08/18). Sample as PDF and as DOCX.
Assignment #3: Tables, Descriptive Statistics, Histograms & Bell Curves (01/08/18). Data as DOC file. Rubric (01/08/18). Sample as XLSX and PDF.
Assignment #4: Functions, Graphs and Regression (01/08/18). Source as PDF (article and SI) and via DOI: 10.1021/ac502676d. Rubric (01/08/18). Example #1 (SP14) as XLSX, DOCX, and PDF. Example #2 (SP14) as DOCX and PDF. Example #3H (SP16) (XLSX, DOCX, PDF). Sample as (XLSX, DOCX, PDF).
Assignment #5: Searching, Bibliography, and Database (01/08/18). Rubric (01/08/18). Sample as DOCX and as PDF.
Assignment #6: Oral Presentation (01/08/18). Rubric (01/08/18). Presentation Schedule. Presentation Award Winners (by peer review): Gold (PPTX, PPSM), Silver (PPTX, PPSM), Bronze (PPTX, PPSM).
LB, ES & TL presented on Oxycodone at the "Celebration of Writing" event, May 3. KY says "Proud of you!"

Assignment #7 (omitted in SP16ff): Data Mining & Molecular Modeling of Protein Structure.

Assignment #8: Materials, Methods, & Appendix (01/08/18). Rubric (01/08/18). Sample1 as PDF and Sample2 as PDF.
Assignment #9: Preparation of Manuscript and Cover Letter for Submission (01/08/18, bundled with A08). No rubric for A09; A09 will be peer-reviewed by 3-fold, written, anonymous peer review in A10. Sample as PDF.
Assignment #10: Written Scientific Peer Review (01/08/18). Peer Review Header as DOC file. No rubric for A10; the quality of the peer reviews is not assessed formally. Sample as PDF.
Assignment #11: Rebuttal Letter, Revision of Manuscript, and Graphical Abstract (01/08/18). Rubric (01/08/18). Revised Paper Award Winners (by peer review): Gold, Silver, Bronze1 and Bronze2 (same score).

Course Outcomes: Course Histogram (Averages of Assignment Scores; 05/09/18).
Course Keywords Wordle Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 (04/28/18).

Scientific Writing & Peer Review: Manuscript Preparation, Review and Revision
Assignments #9 - #11 constitute a contiguous sequence and the three assignments result in one overall score. The review of A#9 will be Assignment #10 and every submission will be peer reviewed by three groups/individuals. In Assignment #11, the manuscript is revised and resubmitted, along with a rebuttal letter, for a second peer review by the same three referees. This second review will be a rubric-based peer review and the average score is the A11 score.