Main Entry: Form of human communication by means of a set of visible marks that are related, by convention, to some particular structural level of language.
Course Essentials
Syllabus and general MU Syllabus Information.
Classroom Conduct Guidelines, Jan. 2011. Office of Academic Integrity
Schedule, Contact Hours, Spring 2018 Calendar.
Honors College and myZou. Canvas will be used for Announcements and Notes.

Team & Infrastructure
GTA (main): Ms. Kaidi "Kathy" Yang (CB319); MU Ph.D. candidate in Chemistry.
GTA (adjunct): Mr. Joseph Schell (CB319); MU Ph.D. candidate in Chemistry.
WI Tutor in The Writing Center: Mr. Adam Hirsch; MU Ph.D. student, Soil, Env. & Atmospheric Science
Strickland 114 Technology; Computer Labs Software

Emergency Information
Emergency Information for Students, Emergency Securing 01/16/14 by Residence Hall Safety.
MU Video: Surviving an Active Shooter

We endorse, adopt and implement the Next Generation Science Standards.

Writing Intensive (WI) CHEM 3700W fulfills the WI-requirements of the Campus Writing Program.
MIZZOU Advantage Awards (Deadline: March 1, 2018).

Link to Ellis Library.
Register for SciFinder Scholar
Thieme Science of Synthesis (cancelled)
Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) Search

Computer and Information Proficiency (CIP) CHEM3700W is a computer and information proficiency course. As part of the requirements for successfully completing this course, students will be asked to use computers in a variety of ways. This experience should help students gain useful skills they can use throughout their academic life and in the workplace after graduation. There are, however, no computing prerequisites for this course.