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Department of Chemistry, University of Missouri-Columbia
Chemistry 410 - Fall Semester '96

Coordinator: Prof. Rainer Glaser (URL:
Day and Time: Mondays at 11:40 unless otherwise indicated
Room: Chemistry Building Room 50

August 26 No Meeting (National ACS Meeting Orlando)
September 2 No Meeting (Labor Day)
September 9 Organizational Matters
Yue Chen
The Influence of L-Cysteine on the Oxidation Chemistry of Dopamine: Reaction Pathways and Potential Relevance to Parkinson's Disease.
September 16 Prof. Rainer Glaser
The Cation-Dinitrogen Interaction: From Dative Bonding Theory to Chemical Toxicology.
September 23 Prof. Edwin Kaiser
The Chemistry of Multiple Anions
September 30 Prof. Kent Gates
DNA Damage by Anticancer Agents and Anticarcinogens
October 7 Prof. Shon Pulley
Synthetic Carbohydrate Chemistry: The Transition Metal Approach
October 8
Tuesday 3:40 pm
Prof. Marc Snapper, Boston College (Host: Prof. Harmata)
Ilimaqinone: Synthesis and Cellular Interactions
October 14 Prof. Richard Loeppky
NO Loss from Nitrosaminomethyl Radicals:
Results, Challenges, and Perspective
October 21 Prof. Paul Popelier, UMIST, UK (Host: Prof. Glaser)
Chemical Information Hidden in the Charge Density
October 28 Prof. Michael Harmata
Neue 4+3 Cycloadditions-Reaktionen (with subtitles)
November 4 No OCS. Sioux Falls Regional ACS Meeting this week.
November 11 James Carey (Second-Year Literature Presentation)
Photoinduced Electron Transfer Reactions.
November 18 No Seminar
November 25
TG Week
Prof. W. Todd Wipke, UCSC (Host: Prof. Glaser)
Playing Chess With the AIDS Virus, Dr. Wipke is an MU graduate
December 2 Paul Haney
MS Thesis Presentation

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