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Department of Chemistry
The University of Missouri-Columbia
Chemistry 410 - Winter Semester '97

Coordinator: Prof. Rainer Glaser (URL:
Day and Time: Mondays at 11:40 unless otherwise indicated
Room: Chemistry Building Room 50

January 27
Faculty Candidate
Dr. John J. Tanner, University of Houston, Host: Prof. Tipton
Structural Determinants of Enzyme Thermostability
February 3 Open
February 10
Faculty Candidate
Dr. Lesa J. Beamer, Mol. Biol. Inst., UCLA, Host: Prof. Tipton
Crystal Structure of BPI, the Human Bactericidal / Permeability-Increasing Protein
February 17 Prof. Boris V. Spitsyn, Russian Academy of Sciences, Inst. Phys. Chem.
Chemical Inroads to Synthesis and Doping of Diamond.
February 24 Prof. David Berkowitz, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Exploring the Organic/Enzymatic Interface: Synthesis and Properties of Unnatural Amino Acids and Lignans.
March 3 Prof. Peter Toogood, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Host: Prof. Gates)
Chemistry and Biology of Cyclic Peptide Natural Products.
March 10 No Seminar, Spring Break
March 19
Prof. Mark Distephano, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (Host: Prof. Gates)
Proteins: From Catalysis to Cancer and Beyond
March 24 Open
March 31 Wenge Cui, Graduate Student, MU, 2nd-Year Literature Seminar
Total Synthesis of Dynemicin A and Development of a Bioreductively Activated Enediyne Pro-Drug.
April 7 Wanhong Wu, Graduate Student, MU, 2nd-Year Literature Seminar
Oxygenophilic Organoaluminium as Lewis Acid in Selective Organic Synthesis
April 14
Prof. Lee Brammer, University of Missouri, St. Louis
Hydrogen Bonds in Organometallic Chemistry: Direct and Indirect Involvement of Transition Metal Centers.
April 21 Wen Jiang, Graduate Student, MU, 2nd-Year Literature Seminar
Cyclic Tandem Reactions Involving Carbopalladation
April 28 Hong Zang, Graduate Student, MU, 2nd Year Literature Seminar
CC-1065 and the Duocarmycins: Understanding Their Biological Function Through Mechanistic Studies.
May 5
Prof. Kathleen Kilway, University of Missouri, Kansas City
Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of the Stabilization of the Ferrocenyl Moiety towards alpha-Carbanions and Carbocations.
May 14
Schedule, Wednesday!
Dr. habil. Jens Wolff, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Push-Pull Arenes - What Symmetry Does To Their Structures and Non-Linear Optical Properties

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