Department of Chemistry, University of Missouri, Chemistry 8087, Fall Semester 2013

Coordinator: Prof. Rainer Glaser (
Mondays @ noon, Large Conference Room

Aug. 19 No Meeting
Aug. 26 No Meeting
Sept. 9 ACS Natl. Meeting, Indianapolis
Sept. 16 Prof. Rainer Glaser, MU Chemistry
"So, You Think You Understand the IR Spectrum of Toluene? Really?"
Sept. 23 Prof. Jared Shaw, UC Davis. Host: Prof. Michael Harmata
"Multicomponent Approaches to Organic Synthesis and Chemical Biology"
Sept. 30 Dr. Weijiang "Waylon" Ying
"Syntheses of F-18 Fluorosucroses and Related PET Imaging Study of Corn"
Oct. 7 Ms. Jacqueline Gamboa Varela, Adviser: Dr. Kent Gates
"DNA-Templated Reactions"
Oct. 14 Prof. Jonathan Rhoad, Missouri Western State University
"Examining Furanoside Conformational Preference and Reactivity"
Oct. 21 Prof. Laszlo Kuerti, Univ. of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center
"Exploiting the Extraordinarily Versatile N-O Bond: Rapid Synthesis of Biaryls, Carbazoles, Aziridines and Primary Aromatic Amines"
Oct. 28 Ms. Maryam Nejad, M.S. (SIU 2013)
"Synthetic Studies of Mn(III) Dipyrromethene Peroxynitrite Decomposition Catalysts"
Nov. 4 Prof. Rainer Glaser, MU Chemistry
"Unpaired Electrons Well Below the Fermi Level. Toward a Conceptual Understanding of Molecular Spintronics"
Nov. 11 Ms. Ellen Moore, Adviser: Dr. Mark Lee
"Telaprevir - An Antiviral Agent for Hepatitis C" POSTPONED UNTIL Spring 2014
Nov. 18 No Meeting
Dec. 2 No Meeting