Department of Chemistry, University of Missouri, Chemistry 8087, Fall Semester 2014

Coordinator: Prof. Rainer Glaser (
Mondays @ noon, Large Conference Room

Aug. 25 No Meeting
Sept. 8 Dr. Rainer Glaser, Marco Delarosa and Dr. Carmen Chicone
Dynamical Approach to Multi-Equilibria Problems - An Introduction
Sept. 15 No Meeting
Sept. 22 No Meeting
Sept. 29 Marco Delarosa, Ethan Zars, Dr. Carmen Chicone, and Dr. Rainer Glaser, Depts. of Chem. and Math.
Iron and/or Cerium Catalyzed Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reactions: Video Analysis, Kinetics and Modelling
Oct. 6 Ms. Zhiyu Yang, Dr. Gates Group
"Characterization of Unstable Adducts Between Amines and DNA Abasic Sites"
Oct. 13 Dr. Istvan Kiss, St. Louis University
"Chemical Nonlinear Dynamics: Oscillations, Chaos, and Synchronization" Abstract
Oct. 20 Michael Topinka, Dr. Harmata Group
"(4+3)-Cycloadditions via Catalytic Generation of Vinylthionium Ions"
Oct. 27 Adrian Laciak, Dr. Gates Group, Literature Seminar
"Exploring the Mechanism of the Analgesic and Antipyretic Acetaminophen"
Nov. 3 Rescheduled for Dec. 1
Nov. 10 Ram Rao Tata, Dr. Harmata Group
"Synthesis of 5-, 6-, 7- and 8-Membered Oxacycles" (Part of projected Ph.D. dissertation)
ACS Midwest Regional Meeting later this week at MU
Nov. 17 Dr. Keith "Rick" Buszek, UMKC
"Arynes and Hetarynes in Organic Synthesis. Mechanisms, Total Synthesis of Natural Products, and Drug Discovery"
Dec. 1 Hamidreza Sepasizangabadi, Dr. Glass Group
"Fluorescence sensing of intermolecular interactions and development of direct molecular biosensors"
Dec. 8 Ms. Laura Cooper, Dr. Glass Group, Honors Research Presentation
"The Synthesis and Evaluation of a Stable Aqueous Near-IR Fluorescent Sensor"
Mr. Ethan Zars, Dr. Glaser Group, Discovery Fellow Presentation
"Bifurcation in the Conformational Space of Bromoacetic Acid Radical Cation"