Department of Chemistry
The University of Missouri-Columbia
Chemistry 410 - Winter Semester '97

	Schedule for the Visit by
 	Professor Kathleen Kilway
	Department of Chemistry
 	University of Missouri-Kansas City

                Monday, May 5
       	        Arrival from Kansas City by car
		Park on physics lot at corner 
		of College & Rollins
       10:15    Dr. Rainer Glaser (321 Chemistry) 
       11:40    Organic Chemistry Seminar (50 Chem.) 
		"Experimental and Theoretical Investigations 
		of the Stabilization of the Ferrocenyl 
		Moiety towards alpha-Carbanions and  
       12:30    Lunch with Organic Faculty
	2:00	Dr. Kent Gates
	2:35	Dr. Shon Pulley
	3:10	Dr. Michael Harmata
	3:45	Dr. Richard Loeppky
	4:20	Graduate Students (115 Chemistry) 
	4:55    Departure

		For details, please contact Rainer Glaser