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The University of Missouri at Columbia
Chemistry 416 - Organic Spectroscopy - Fall Semester 1997

Instructions Organizing
Computer Mediated Communication About and Discussion of
General Exercises of Spectroscopy Assignments

We will make use of the CH416F97-L discussion list to discuss the problems. For every one of the assigned problem sets the instructor will identify one student who will take the lead in the discussion of this set of problems. This student is expected to work the problem set and to share his/her solution with the class via the discussion list. For each of the problems, this student should state what (s)he believes this compound might be and provide brief explanations as to how this conclusion was reached. Limit the discussion to the essential parts of the spectra. Do not discuss every aspect of each spectrum.

The problem assignment will be posted on Mondays and the solution should be mailed to the discussion list between 5 pm and midnight of the following Wednesday. The class will read the suggested solution and use the discussion list to comment. If necessary, students should send corrections of the solutions along with suitable arguments to the list. This process should go on until the class reaches a consensus as to the identity of the unknowns.

It is absolutely essential for the success of these exercises, that everybody does solve the problems for himself/herself before the CMC discussion begins! You are responsible for your own education. Note also that aspects of the general problems will reappear in tests and quizzes.

The instructor will monitor these discussions but will refrain from interfering with the process. The monitoring of the discussion will allow the instructor to gauge the level of know-how of the class providing required feedback to his teaching activities. If the problems have not been solved (or not been solved correctly) one week after the assignment was posted, only then will the instructor provide the answers to the problems to the discussion list.

Please, do keep all answers confidential. The same problems will be employed again in future runnings of Chemistry 416. Thanks for your cooperation.

Assignments of the problems to work will be posted in the respective column of the online course schedule. Assignments of the student in charge of leading the discussion of the problems will be posted right here in this file.

Discussion Leaders for General Exercises
Field et al. problems 1-5 assigned 9/1: Emma Teuten. Well done!
Field et al. problems 6-10 assigned 9/8: Patrick Kirchhoefer. Well done!
Field et al. problems 11-15 assigned 9/15: Tarra Fuchs. Well done!
Field et al. problems 16-20 assigned 9/21: Mike Lewis. Well done!
Field et al. problems 21-25 assigned 9/28: David Alvarez. Well done! (The name of compound 21 is butanoic acid anhydride)
... entering Round #2, the stakes are higher, 7 or 8 problems ...
Field et al. problems 26-32 assigned 10/6: Asitha Abeywardane. Well done. Some of the names given are not quite right.
Field et al. problems 33-40 assigned 10/13: Jiang Wen. Well done!
Field et al. problems 41-47 assigned 10/20: Sen Subhabrata. Received over a week past the deadline. Solutions OK.
Field et al. problems 48-55 assigned 10/27: Fang Hu. Well done! Some names could be better.
Field et al. problems 56-62 assigned 11/3: Paul Benny.
Field et al. problems 63-70 assigned 11/10: Zhen Cheng.
... entering round #3, the types of problems are different ...
Field et al. problems 170-177 assigned 11/17: Sundeep Rayat.
Field et al. problems 182-186 assigned 11/24: Dannie Phillips. Not delivered.
Field et al. problems 194-200 assigned 12/1: Jianzsheng Shi
That will be a wrap!