Bible Study Class


Group Meetings

Usually we will meet at night when everybody has time, and we have discussed about the project almost everynight since November 5. Some times we could spend 6 hours one night working on it. On the average, the time spend on each meeting was about 1.5 hour.The location for our meetings were chemistry reading room and computer labs on campus.

Group Dynamics

Our group members searched the literature with different keywords: NOE, COSY, NOSEY etc.. So we found some papers from several major journals: JOC, JACS, J. of Molecular Structure, J. of Natural Products quickly by group effect. However,it was still difficult to choose one great enough for our project. Some papers were just too straightforward, too easy for a good problem. Some papers have no spectrum avaliable. Some papers used NMR methods so advanced that we do not have enough time to understand it completely. Then Dr. Glaser recommended a paper to the class. After reading the paper carefully, we decided to base our project on it, although we still can't understand what HMQC TOCSY method is now. To create a problem, we have to analyze the paper very patiently, and we also have to read the references given in the paper. So we learned some new 2D NMR techniques that we have no chance to learn in Class. During the whole process, everyone contributed a lot to the problem set, and we think we have cooperated very well as a team. We expect a chance to engage in such group activities again.