The University of Missouri at Columbia
Chemistry 433 - Computational Chemistry - Fall Semester 2002



Shiva is a Silicon Graphics Power Challege Computer with 8 R12000 processors. The system was bought in 1996 and upgraded in 1999. At present, the system is mainly used for instruction.

Clean Scratch Space

Running jobs write files into the temporary scratch space directory /itchy-tmp. All these temporary files are deleted upon normal completion of job execution. However, "crashing jobs" leave these temporary files behind. These files can be rather large and they quickly fill up all the disk space. When that happens, then all submitted jobs crash because of lack of available disk space. THEREFORE: YOU NEED TO CLEAN UP THE SCRATCH DIRECTORY ON A REGULAR BASIS. Here is how:

cd /itchy-tmp            move to the scratch directory
ls -l                    list all files and see which ones are yours
rm water.d2e             remove files with the "rm" command
cd                       move back to your account directory
Computational Chemistry Culture: People who do not clean up their disks are called "disk pigs" and they belong in the 8. circle of hell. (Well, that is a bit rough but then again ...)