Additional Course Materials
Scopus has an interesting Journal Analyzer feature. Click on the Analytics tab at the top of the page and type in the names of journals of interest. A chart will be created illustrating by year the total number of citations, the total number of articles, the average number of citations per article and the percent of articles not cited.
Find Journal Rankings and Impact Factors at MU.
Apropos SciFinder and Bibliography, we will be using four papers: 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Apropos "Finding your Peers": (A) Disciplinary Research Journals: ACS Journals (USA), RSC Journals (UK), and Wiley-VCH Journals (Europe). Many more journals are published by other national chemistry associations. In addition, many more journals are published by commerical publishers (i.e., Elsevier). (B) Supra-disciplinary Science Research Publications: Proceeding of the National Academy of Science from NAS, Science from AAAS, and Nature itself. Do not confuse Nature itself with the many discipline-specific NPG Journals.
Apropos Linear Regression in Excel.
Apropos Graphic Design: Tutorials.
Apropos Color: Hexadecimal Color Numbers, HTML Color Codes.
Apropos methanogenes on Mars: Introduction to the Archaea - Life's extremists...

Articles on Writing
Whitesides' Essay in Advanced Materials 2004, 16, 1375-1377.

Articles on Peer Review
Nature's Peer Review Debate (2006)
Columbia University, Responsible Conduct of Research: Responsible Authorship and Peer Review
Yale University: Ethics of Peer Review: A Guide for Manuscript Reviewers