Schedule, Chemistry 8160, Fall Semester 2010
(posted 8/22/10, last update: 11/3/10)

Week of Theme Reading Activities PR (W) HW (F)
Aug. 23 COMB Pavia-1
M: Introduction
W: Primer to work Assignments
F: How to use Pretsch et al.
- A01
Aug.30 VIB Pavia-2 M: Electromagn. Radiation; IR Experiment
W: Harmonic Oscillator; Types and Number of Vibrations
F: IR Spectroscopy of Hydrocarbons; A02 & A03
A01 A02
Sept. 6 VIB Pavia-2 M: LABOR DAY
W: Raman Spectroscopy Basics
F: Rotational Finestructure
A02 A03
Sept. 13 VIB All M,W: Oral Presentations on Vibrational Spectroscopy
F: Test#1
A03 Old Tests
Sept. 20 NMR Pavia-3 M: Finish Vibrational Spectroscopy
W, F: Basic NMR experiment: spin, magn. moment, Zeeman effect, magnetization, effects of RF absorption, FID.
- A04
Sept. 27 NMR Pavia-3 M: chemical shift δ; σ-dia, σ-para, anisotropic effects
W: δ prediction, increment systems
F: spin-spin coupling (SSC): (n+1)-rule, Pascal Triangle, J-values
A04 A05
Oct. 4 NMR Pavia-4 CNMR: Abundance (no 13C-13C coupling), 13C-H decoupling, NOE for 13C-H, (2nI+1) rule, CNMR increment systems, CNMR of solvents A05 A06
Oct. 11 NMR Pavia-4 CNMR: Solvents, NOE & T1, 13C-coupling to F, P, etc.
F: Test#2
A06 Old Tests
Oct. 18 NMR Pavia-5 M: Finish heteronuclear coupling.
W: Spin-Spin Coupling Mechanisms (Chapter 5)
F: Magnetic Non-Equivalence
- A07
Oct. 25 NMR Pavia-6 M: Splitting Tree Construction / Deconstruction
W,F: Special Effects in NMR: Exchange, Variable-T NMR, Electric Quadrupoles
A07 A08
Nov. 1 UV-Vis Pavia-7 M: Chemical Shift Reagents, Chiral Shift Reagents
W: MO Theory of UV/Vis spectroscopy
F: No Lecture
A08 A09
Nov. 8 UV-Vis Pavia-7 M: DA-Substitution, UV/Vis Increment Systems
W: Luminescence: Fluorescence & Phosphorescence, Franck-Condon Factor
F: Test#3
A9 Old Tests
Nov. 15 MS Pavia-8 M,W: Ionization Methods (EI, CI, FAB, LDI, MALDI)
W,F: Special Fragmentations
- A10
Nov. 29 NMR Pavia-10 Advanced NMR Techniques A10 A11
Dec. 6 NMR Pavia-10 Advanced NMR Techniques
W: Last Lecture
A11 Old Tests
Dec. 13 All All Final. Scheduled: Thursday, 12/16/10, 1-3pm, Schlundt Hall 209. Actual Final Time (room reservation confirmed, students approved 11/29): Monday, 12/13/10, 1-3pm. - -