MU, Chemistry 8160 - Organic Spectroscopy - Fall 2010

NUMBER OF TESTS TAKEN: 13 enrolled, 1 auditing

                        E1Q1    E1Q2    E1Q3    E1Q4    EXAM1   E1-Score
Maximal Possible    	20.0	20.0	20.0	40.0	100.0	 60.0
Average      		16.7	13.8	15.1	16.3	 61.8	 75.9
Standard Deviation	 1.7  	 2.8	 6.9	 9.7	 12.9	 13.9
Minimum			14.0	10.0	 0.0	 6.0	 36.0	 43.3
Maximum  		20.0	19.0	20.0	40.0	 86.0	 93.3

Q1 - Q3 worked fine.  One student overlooked Q3 altogether and hence the low 
minimum for Q3.  

Q4 turned out to be more of a challenge than expected.  The molecular formula
was not given and that provided a lot of problems.  Two key insights to solve Q4: 
(a) The NMR shows two clearly separate signals and two more overlapping signals.  
There are only 4 types of H. The chemical shift analysis shows that one signal 
comes from a CHn group attached to an O. (b) The IR "yells" ester (and excludes 
alcohols, acids, amines, imines, nitriles). Remember that E#1 is the "IR Test".  

One more comment on the IR:  Note that there are TWO bands in the C=O region.  
The two C=O stretches are coupled and we see the asymmetric and symmetric modes
separated by about 20 cm-1.

Since the average on Q4 was below 50%, Q4 was dropped and the exam #1 score is 
the percentage score of Q1 - Q3.