MU, Chemistry 8160 - Organic Spectroscopy - Fall 2010

NUMBER OF TESTS TAKEN: 13 enrolled, 1 auditing

                        E2Q1    E2Q2    E2Q3    E2Q4    E2Q5    E2All
Maximum  Possible       20.0    10.0    20.0    20.0    30.0    100.0
Average                 14.8     6.8    16.0    17.3    23.5     78.4
Standard Deviation       4.9     1.9     3.6     1.2     4.4     11.7
Minimum                  0.0     4.0     6.0    13.5    17.0     43.5
Maximum                 20.0    10.0    20.0    18.0    29.0     88.5

Q1 - Q5 all worked fine. 

Some of you might want to take another look at the Deuterium part of Q1.  That 
part requires the application of knowledge to a slightly different situation and 
that sort of critical thinking is definitely what you want to learn in grad school.

About Q4. Most of you got the numbers computed right.  So far so good.  But you 
need to think more what the numbers mean.  If a computed number "happens" to 
coincide fairly well with a computed one, that does not mean your computation 
is that accurate.  What you compute for C1 in Q4a "agrees well" with 
anyone of four measured values.  Same with Q4b: The computed value of 
7.10 ppm might be the measured value at 7.29 or at 7.31, and the computed value 
of 7.38 ppm might be the measured value at 7.31 or at 7.59. NEVER EVER 
OVERINTERPRET; overinterpretation is the evil sister/brother of assumption.