1 (01/23), 2 (01/30), 3 (02/06), Assignment on 02/13: Prepare for Test #1, 02/20/09, Chapts. 1-3.
4 (02/23), 5 (03/02), 6 (03/11, Jane's AK), Assignment on 03/13: Prepare for Test #2, 03/20/09, Chapts. 4-7.
7 (03/30), 8 (04/15), Assignment on 04/20: Prepare for Test #3, 04/24/09, Chapts. 7 & 8.
9 (04/22), 10, 11, 12.
Apropos #1, see NIST WebBook: Ionization energies of H and D.
Apropos #4, see extract from Streitwieser's book.
Apropos #8, optimization & frequencies for D3h Ni(CO)3.
Apropos Test #2, exercise with a previous test (AK) and a previous quiz (AK).
Apropos Test #3, exercise with a previous test (AK) and a previous quiz (AK).

Additional Course Materials
Chapter 9
Exemplary application of Surface and Mapped Surface plots
Topological Analysis of the Electron Density, AIM Theory.

Chapter 8
Value of the [Term] in Eq. 8.26

Chapter 7
G2 Study of the Dissociation of Methyldiazonium

Chapters 5 & 6
UNIX Tutorial for Beginners. Study Tutorials One and Two.
Using the PICO Editor in Linux
UMBC - University of Missouri Bioinformatics Consortium
EMSL Office of Science: Basis Set Exchange

Chapter 4
St. Olaf's Huckel Determinant Solver
The ultimate Huckel online site.

Chapter 2
MM4 Parameterization
Sir John Edward Lennard-Jones, 1894-1954
Visit the online tutorial on Polynomial Functions. Click on "Graphs" and explore the polynomial functions up to fourth order. (It does not get any better than this.)
Visit the online tutorial on Trigonometry Realms.
Visit the online tutorial on Fourier Analysis. This gets pretty technical pretty quickly.

Chapter 1
Schlegel's Feature on Exploring Potential Energy Surfaces.
IUPAC resources on More O'Ferrall-Jencks Diagrams. Goldbook definition and examples and references.