Examinations and Performance Measures
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SS09 Chem 8330 Tests
Chem 8330 S09 Exam4 (Final, TH), AK, Stats.
-- Output files for the s-cis and s-trans structures, and for the REP, and plot of REP.
-- Energies of chlorine and chloride.
-- With FC approximation, energies of chlorine and chloride.
-- Output files for the Cl-CH3 minimum and [Cl--CH3--Br] anion transition state structures.
-- Energies of lithium cation in aqueous solution; full and fc.
Chem 8330 S09 Exam3 (1h), AK, Stats. Dilithium optimization and MP4 calculation.
Chem 8330 S09 Exam2 (1h), AK, Stats.
Chem 8330 S09 Exam1 (1h), AK, Stats.