2016 Course Essentials: Syllabus, Contact Hours & Outline, Instructor Homepage, and Vitae (WWW and PDF), UCAS: UCAS Web Site (PDF) and UCAS News Release (PDF). The 2016 Students.
2016 Faculty Liaison: Prof. Cun-Yue GUO, (Email: cyguo@ucas.ac.cn; Tel: +86-10-69672546)
Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs): Ms. Ailian Wang (wangailian3@mails.ucas.ac.cn), Ms. Qian Zhou (zhouqian112@mails.ucas.ac.cn), Ms. Chunyu Song (songchunyu12@mails.ucas.ac.cn), and Mr. Hao Xu (xuhao2014@mails.ucas.ac.cn) American Teaching Assistants (ATAs): Ms. Kaidi "Kathy" Yang (kyn69@mail.missouri.edu).

Main Entry: writ.ing
Function: verb
form of human communication by means of a set of visible marks that are related, by convention, to some particular structural level of language.

Day #1 Who's my Audience? Where to Publish? What to Read?
(1.1) Introduction by Prof. Cun-Yue GUO.
(1.2) Presentation of Syllabus and Schedule.
(1.3) Introduction of the Course Web Site and the Chem 3700 SP16 course web site.
(1.4) Presentations on Textbooks (PDF).
(1.5) Suggested Readings: ERR, JDL, and GMW
(1.6) Presentations on Publication Types (PDF).
(1.7) Presentation on Construction of a Paper (PDF on Chinese Course Website).

Day #2 Writing a Paper: Planning, Preparation & Submission
(2.1) JOC Guidelines for Authors (PDF).
(2.2) Presentation on Mind-Mapping, Outlining and Standard Science Sequence (PDF).
(2.3) Presentations on Tables (PDF), Schemes (PDF), and Graphs (PDF).
(2.4) PR Example and Cover Letter.

Day #3 Understanding Peer Review: Reviewing & Being Reviewed
(3.1) Presentations on Writing Text (PDF).
(3.2) Professional Ethics: Eighteen rules for writing a code of professional ethics.
(3.3) Ethical Guidelines for Publications of Chemical Research (PDF).
(3.4) PR Example and Writing Peer Reviews.

Day #4 Dealing with Peer Review: Revision & Rebuttal
(4.1) Continued: Ethical Guidelines for Publications of Chemical Research (PDF).
(4.2) Presentation on Summarize and Paraphrase without Plagiarism
(4.3) Presentations on Searching and Bibliography
(4.4) PR Example and Rebuttal Letter.

Day #5 Responsible Peer Review and Authorship
(5.1) Test (Course Stats: Count = __, Minimum = __%, Maximum = __%, Average = __._%, Std. Dev. = _._%, histogram).
(5.2) Yale Case Studies of Peer Review (PDF).
(5.3) Columbia Case Studies of Responsible Peer Review and Authorship (PDF).
(5.4) Presentations on Misconduct: Office of Research Integrity (ORI): Discussion of Selected ORI Case Summaries.