The participants of the inaugural ERPP course, Summer 2017, at Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) in Xi'an.
Back from left: Dr. Hongguo "Lucy" Xue, Dr. Beth Gullery, Dr. Hongmei Xie, Dr. Joan Ren, Dr. Ran "Susan" Sun, Dr. N.N., Dr. Bo Yang, Dr. Wei Pan.
Front from left: Dr. Suian Wang, Dr. Amy Lannin (MU), Dr. Rainer Glaser (MU), and Ms. Kaidi Yang (MU).

This 20h-course for faculty was taught on the old NPU campus in the
Department for Teaching and Learning.

After the very last meeting, many of us went to the West Tang Market to enjoy a delicious hot pot!
Left: Lucy and Amy. Right: Ran "Susan" Sun and Joan Ren.

I had dinner with some of the young colleagues from NPU.
Left: Wei Pan. Center: ___. Middle: Bo Yang.