CIITN Conference 2001
The University of Missouri-Columbia
Friday - Sunday, September 21 - 23, 2001.

"The 'Chemistry is in the News' Project"


Chemistry is in the News - Teaching Organic Chemistry In The Context of Real-World Issues
Newspapers mirror society and newspaper articles therefore allow to construct the important relations between society and chemistry. With this premise, it is the goal of the "Chemistry is in the News" project to facilitate learning activities that are based on news articles from the popular press and aimed at connecting real-world social, economic, and political issues to the teaching of organic chemistry. The activities consist in the study, creation, and peer review of news media based online multi-media projects. Each project includes authentic news articles, a tutorial, and questions to guide group discussions. These activities are conducted in small collaborative groups, guided by peer-learning assistants, in the context of large lecture settings and they are aimed at undergraduate students with science majors. With support by The Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation and the University of Missouri, the CIITN 2001 conference will be held at the University of Missouri-Columbia, September 21-23, 2001, to instruct faculty from across the country about the philosophy, pedagogy, implementation, and assessment of the "Chemistry is in the News" project. The conference is organized by Dr. Rainer Glaser, MU Department of Chemistry, and Dr. James Groccia, MU Program for Excellence in Teaching. Interested faculty are encouraged to contact Dr. Glaser, University of Missouri, Department of Chemistry, Tel: (573) 882-0331, Fax: (573) 882-2754, and Email: Conference participation is free of charge, accomodations and meals are provided, and travel fellowships are available. The conference is limited to 18 participants.

The CIITN 2001 Conference is made possible by a grant from The Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation and matching funds generously provided by the PRIME Fund of the University of Missouri and the MU Department of Chemistry.