CIITN Conference 2004
18th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education
ISU, Ames, Iowa, Sunday, July 17, 2004.


Conceptual Guide: Taxonomy.

Instruction: Assignment.

Assessment Materials: Demographics Survey, Rubrics for Inter-Group Peer Review and Intra-Group Peer Review, and Questionnaire.

Workshop Evaluation: CIITN Workshop Self-Reflection Pre-Post Questionnaire and CIITN 2004 Participant Questionnaire (includes stipend information)

CHEMISTRY IS IN THE NEWS - Taxonomy of Authentic News Media Based Learning Activities. An accepted IJSE manuscript providing an overview, a description of the gaols, and an overview of implementations of the "Chemistry is in the News" project.

USING NATIONAL NEWSPAPERS IN THE COLLEGE CLASSROOM - Resources to Improve Teaching and Learning, Steven R. Knowlton, Betsy. O. Barefoot, Editors. National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience & Students in Transition: Monograph Series, Vol. 28, University of South Carolina, 1999. ISBN 1-889271-29-2.