2012 Course 1 Essentials: Syllabus, Contact Hours & Outline, Instructor Vitae, and GUCAS. The 2012 Students.
2012 Faculty Liaison: Prof. Lixi Zeng (lxzeng@gucas.ac.cn)
Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs): Mr. Dongwen Zhang (head-GTA, dongwen176@yahoo.com.cn), Mr. Yan Wu Zhai (zhaiyanwu210@mails.gucas.as.cn) and Ms. Lingling Geng (lgeng123@gmail.com).

Day #1 Syllabus, Schedule, and Introduction of the Course Web Site. Presentations on Mind-Mapping and Outlining (PPTX, PPT, PDF) and on Writing Text and Paragraphs (PPTX, PPT, PDF).
Day #2 Presentations on Summary, Paraphrase and Plagiarism (PPTX, PPT, PDF), on Tables (PPTX, PPT, PDF), and Schemes (PPTX, PPT, PDF).
Day #3 Presentations on Paper Sections and JOC Guidelines, on Descriptive Statistics and Regression (PPTX, PPT, PDF), and on Literature Searching (PPTX, PPT, PDF).
Day #4 Presentations on Citation (PPTX, PPT, PDF), on Bibliography (PPTX, PPT, PDF), and on Publication Types (PPTX, PPT, PDF). Test (Course Stats: Count = 118, Minimum = 86.0%, Maximum = 98.6%, Average = 93.5%, Std. Dev. = 2.4%).
Day #5 Presentations on ACS Ethical Guidelines on Peer Review and Case Studies of Peer Review and Authorship.

Main Entry: writ.ing
Function: verb
form of human communication by means of a set of visible marks that are related, by convention, to some particular structural level of language.