2013 Course 2 Essentials: Syllabus, Contact Hours & Outline, Instructor Vitae, and UCAS. The 2013 Students.
2013 Faculty Liaison: Prof. Cun-Yun Guo (Email: cyguo@ucas.ac.cn)
Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs): Mr. Jiajia Gou (goujiajia11@mails.ucas.ac.cn) and Ms. Ying Zhou (zhouying10@mails.ucas.ac.cn).

Day #1 Syllabus, Schedule, and Introduction of the Course Web Site. Presentations on Publication Types (PPTX, PPT, PDF) and the Standard Science Sequence (PPTX, PPT, PDF).
Day #2 Presentation on JOC Guidelines for Authors and on Significance and Broad Interest. ACS Ethical Guidelines to Publication of Chemical Research.
Day #3 Presentations on Eighteen rules for writing a code of professional ethics. Presentations on Summary, Paraphrase and Plagiarism (PPTX, PPT, PDF). Paper construction exemplified by Assignments.
Day #4 Peer Review Examples #1 and #2: Reading Peer Reviews, Revision Strategies, Describing Revisions and Rebuttal. Test (Course Stats: Count = 103, Minimum = 30/50, Maximum = 50/50, Average = 44/50, Std. Dev. = 6.4, column graph).
Day #5 Columbia Case Studies of Responsible Peer Review and Authorship. Discusssion of Selected ORI Cases.

Main Entry: au.thor.ing
Function: verb
the process of creating documents and programs on a computer using special software [MacMillan Dictionary]