2014 Course 1 Essentials: Syllabus, Contact Hours & Outline, Instructor Vitae, and UCAS. The 2014 Students.
2014 Faculty Liaison: Prof. Jiahai Ma (Email: majia@ucas.ac.cn; Tel: 010-88256843).
Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs): Mr. Longfei Yuan (longfeiyuanbio@163.com), Mr. Zhikun Zhang (zhangzikun-119@163.com), and Ms. Liting Fu (litingfu1990@163.com).
American Teaching Assistants (ATAs): Mr. Ethan Zars (etz3md@mail.missouri.edu) and Mr. Cory Camasta (CamastaC@missouri.edu).

Day #1 Introduction by Prof. Jiahai Ma. Presentation of Syllabus and Schedule, and Introduction of the Course Web Site and the Chem 3700 SP14 course web site. Presentations on Textbooks (PDF), and on Mind-Mapping and Outlining (PDF).
Day #2 Presentations on Writing Text and Paragraphs (PDF), Exercise on Summarizing (Climate Domino), and Presentation on Summary, Paraphrase and Plagiarism (PDF).
Day #3 Presentations on Publication Types (PDF), on Paper Sections and JOC Guidelines. Presentations on Tables (PDF) and on Schemes (PDF).
Day #4 Presentations on Descriptive Statistics and Regression (PDF), on Literature Searching (PDF), and on Citation and Bibliography (PDF).
Day #5 Test (Course Stats: Count = 168, Minimum = 65%, Maximum = 96%, Average = 83.9%, Std. Dev. = 5.6%, histogram). Presentations on ACS Ethical Guidelines on Peer Review. Yale Case Studies of Peer Review (PDF).

Main Entry: writ.ing
Function: verb
form of human communication by means of a set of visible marks that are related, by convention, to some particular structural level of language.