2014 Course 2 Essentials: Syllabus, Contact Hours & Outline, Instructor Vitae, and UCAS. The 2014 Students.
New in 2014: Collaborative Group Work and Presentation: Series 1 and Series 2.
2014 Faculty Liaison: Prof. Cun-Yun Guo (Email: cyguo@ucas.ac.cn)
Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs): Mr. Peng Yang (pengyang.en@gmail.com or febnix@qq.com) and Mr. Cao Tianchi (caotianchi11@mails.ucas.ac.cn).
American Teaching Assistants (ATAs): Mr. Ethan Zars (etz3md@mail.missouri.edu) and Mr. Cory Camasta (CamastaC@missouri.edu).

Day #1 Syllabus, Schedule, and Introduction of the Course Web Site. Presentations on Publication Types (PDF) and the Standard Science Sequence (PDF). Paper construction examplified by assignments A08 and A09.
Day #2 Presentation on JOC Guidelines for Authors and on Significance and Broad Interest. Peer Review Examples #1 and #2: Reading Peer Reviews, Revision Strategies, Describing Revisions and Rebuttal. Exercise: Writing a Cover Letter.
Day #3 Exercise: Writing a Peer Review; discussion of assignment A10. Exercise: Writing a Rebuttal Letter; discussion of assignment A11.
Day #4 Presentations on Eighteen rules for writing a code of professional ethics. ACS Ethical Guidelines to Publication of Chemical Research. Test (Course Stats: Count = 107, Minimum = 80/100, Maximum = 97/100, Average 90/100, Std. Dev. = 3.5, Histogram).
Day #5 Columbia Case Studies of Responsible Peer Review and Authorship. Discusssion of Selected ORI Cases.

Main Entry: au.thor.ing
Function: verb
the process of creating documents and programs on a computer using special software [MacMillan Dictionary]