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Course Essentials
Syllabus , Schedule, TA, Reviews, Portrait-in-Progress, Web-Sites
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Download Eudora Pro 3.0 , The Final Learning Experience
Honors Section Software Review and Demonstration
The Students Speak: Teaching Evaluations!

Problem Assignments
Chapters 15 & 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19
Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 23

Wittig Reaction, Baeyer-Villiger Reaction (AK), Lactone Synthesis (AK),
Amino Acid Synthesis (AK), Mass Spectroscopy Problems (AK),
Aldol Reaction (AK) , Aldol Dehydration , Michael Reaction (AK) , Robinson Annulation (AK)
Claisen and Dieckmann Condensation (AK) , Vitamin B1 (AK)
Industrial Nylon Production , Carbenes (AK)

Catalogs of Things-to-Study
Chapter 19 , Chapter 20
Chapter 18 (Enolates from Aldehydes and Ketones) , Chapter 23 (Enolates from Esters)
Topics to consider for the final.

Acrobat Reader Files of Exams
Rainer's List
Histogram for Ch212 F96 Overall Course, Friends: It's a wrap!
Ch212 F96 Final.pdf , Ch212 F96 Final AK.pdf , Histogram for Ch212 F96 Final
Histogram for Ch212 F96 Exams 1 - 3 , Grade Definitions
Ch212 F96 Exam3.pdf , Ch212 F96 Exam3 AK.pdf , Histogram for Ch212 F96 Exam 3
Ch212 F96 Exam2.pdf , Ch212 F96 Exam2 AK.pdf , Histogram for Ch212 F96 Exam 2
Ch212 F96 Exam1.pdf , Ch212 F96 Exam1 AK.pdf , Histogram for Ch212 F96 Exam 1
Ch210 F92 Exam1 AK.pdf , Ch210 F92 Exam2 AK.pdf
Ch210 F92 Exam3 AK.pdf , Ch210 F92 Final AK.pdf

About Students in Chem 212
Honors List .
Jeff Willis is running on the Brown/Willis MSA 96 ticket. THEY WON!!
Seth Havermann found a website Spectroscopy Online that teaches NMR, IR and MS.
Seth also found a site on organic chemistry nomenclature.
Angie Whitesell is competing as a National FFA Officer candidate at the National Convention. Go get it!

Organic Seminar Schedule -- Fall Semester 1996
Organic Seminar Schedule -- Winter Semester 1997 (Preview)
Guidelines for Presentations

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