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Course Essentials
Syllabus, Schedule, Reviews, Literature List, Class List, The Final Learning Experience
Periodic System of the Elements (No ChemWebSite should be without it!)
The Journal of Chemical Education Internet, The Chemistry Place
SHOWME Accounts, CH416F97-L Discussion List
Viewing and Printing Acrobat Reader pdf files.
The Students Speak: Teaching Evaluations!

Chemistry 416 Semester Projects
Introduction to the Collaborative Term Projects.
Project Page: Groups, topics, and peer evaluations.
Assignment of Project #1. Peer review instructions for Project #1.
Assignment of Project #2. Peer review instructions for Project #2.

Chem 416
Software & Webware

Chemistry 416 at the University of Missouri-Columbia is sponsored by Cherwell Scientific.
Students train with gNMR the chemist's first choice for NMR spectral simulation.

NIST Chemistry WebBook - An outstanding source for thermochemical and spectroscopic data. Site includes IR and MS spectra.
Animation of Vibrational Modes of Water
BioChemNet - A directory of excellent biology and chemistry educational resources online (including some spectroscopy).
IR Spectroscopy and Table of IR Spectra @ UMSL.
Wiley's IR Tutor
BioMagResBank - BMRB - A Repository for Data from NMR Spectroscopy on Proteins, Peptides and Nucleic Acids.
The NMR Periodic Table
SDBS - Integrated Spectral Data Base System for Organic Compounds

Problem Assignments
Instructions concerning the organization of
the problem solving process for the General Exercises.

Assignments of Specific Exercises
Mass Spectroscopy: Chemical Ionization of Benzene, Ionization of Substituted Benzenes
Isotope Pattern of Sn Compound, Isotope Pattern of Unknowns, Isotope Pattern and Fragmentation,
ESI-MS, Double Focusing MS, 5-Aminopentanoic Acid
DI versus MS-MS of Quarternary Amines, Stevenson's Rule, Predicting MS Spectra, Sequence Analysis
IR and Raman Spectroscopy: Donor-Acceptor Effects on Force Constants,
Strain Effects on Force Constants, IR and Raman Intensities,
Fermi Resonance in Cyclopentanone, Fermi Resonance in Benzaldehyde, Hydrogen Bonding.
Computer-Assisted Normal Mode Analysis: Water & Ammonia, HF Hydrate, Benzene.
Solvent Effects on UV/Vis Spectra: A "Weird" Merocynanine Dye, Bread & Butter: Benzophenone
Fluorescence of an ICT System, Chiral Perturbation in H-Bonded Systems.
UV/Vis Application Problems: Photometric Determination of Boron with Curcumin, Enzymatic Analysis
Dual Wavelength Spectroscopy, Fluorescence of Anthracene, The pKa of Para-Nitrophenol
NMR Coupling Problems: 1J Coupling in Cycloalkanes, 1,1-Difluoroethene
Chem. & Magn. Equiv., Karplus Curves, Chem. & Magn. Equiv.
NMR Multiple Pulse Experiments: Specific Irradiation, Difference Decoupling Spectra
NMR Relaxation Times: Partially Relaxed Spectra
NMR C-H Connectivities: INEPT of Mixture, Selective INEPT, DEPT of Gentamycin, Two-Experiment DEPT
NMR Inadequate Experiments: J(C,C) in Piperidine

Catalogs of Things-to-Study
Corrected example for computation of
13-C NMR chemical shift of N-t-butoxycarbonylalanine based on valine.

Entering the
Acrobat Reader Files of Exams
Unhappy about your performance?
Under Stress? Cheer up, things could be much worse.
Relax in the DILBERT Zone or get a load of the DOONESBURY Electronic Town Hall.
Rainer's list of Brownie Points for special contributions to the class.

Rainer's List

FS97 Normed Overall Performance Histograms Prior to the Final and Including the Final
FS97 Quiz 1, NMR, AK | Quiz 2, MS, AK
FS97 Test 1, NMR, AK, Histogram | Test 2, UV/Vis, AK, Histogram.
Test 3, IR/Raman, AK, Histogram. | Final, NMR, AK, Histogram

WS96 Quiz 1 (not available), MS | Quiz 2, Combination | Quiz 3, NMR.
WS96 Test 1, UV/Vis | Test 2, IR | Test 3, MS | Final (not available), mostly NMR.

FS93 Quiz 1, UV/Vis | Quiz 2, MS | Quiz 3, NMR.
FS93 Test 1, UV/Vis | Test 2, IR | Test 3, MS | Test 4, NMR | Final.

Organic Chemistry Seminar Schedule -- Fall Semester 1997
Dynamite Seminar Schedule -- Fall Semester 1997
MU Chemistry Colloquium -- Fall Semester 1997
Guidelines for Presentations in 410.
American Chemical Society Local Section - Lectures and Events

Glaser Group Meetings -- Schedule Fall Semester 1997

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