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Course Essentials
Syllabus , Schedule, TA, Reviews, Group Projects, Portrait-in-Progress, Web-Sites
Tutoring Services in the Learning Center, The Final Learning Experience
Periodic System of the Elements (No ChemWebSite should be without it!)
The Journal of Chemical Education Internet, The Chemistry Place
SHOWME Accounts, CH210W97-L Discussion List
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The Students Speak: Teaching Evaluations

Chem 210 WebNotes Project
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The Chem 210 WebNotes
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Problem Assignments
Let's start, friends, with
Interactive Exercise Nr. 1.
Problems for Chapter 1 (includes bilingual audio).
Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5.
In addition, friends, let's learn some stereochemistry with Interactive Exercise Nr. 2.
Chapters 6 & 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10.
Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14.
Iverson's Movie Directory of Organic Reactions at UT Austin

Catalogs of Things-to-Study
In preparation to Examination 1.
Here are the Lecture Notes for the alkane halogenation lectures. In preparation to Examination 2.
Since the notes apparently still are not on reserve in the library,
here are the notes on alcohols and on esters & ethers with compliments.
Things to study and review in preparation to Examination 3.
Here are my notes on NMR spectroscopy and the chemistry of alkenes and alkines with compliments.
Things to study and review in preparation to the Final Learning Experience.

Entering the
Acrobat Reader Files of Exams
Unhappy about your performance?
Under Stress? Cheer up, things could be much worse.
Relax in the DILBERT Zone or get a load of the DOONESBURY Electronic Town Hall.

Rainer's List
The Final: Ch210 W97 Exam4, AK, Histograms of Final and of Course, Grade Cutoffs.
Histogram for Ch210 W97 Exams 1-3 & Group Projects, Grade Definitions.
Ch210 W97 Exam3, AK, Histogram.
Ch210 W97 Exam2, AK, Histogram.
Ch210 W97 Exam1, AK, Histogram.
Ch210 F92 Exam1 AK, Ch210 F92 Exam2 AK
Ch210 F92 Exam3 AK, Ch210 F92 Final AK

About Students in Chem 210
Use the
CLASS LIST to find students with common interests and to contact them by e-mail.
Read the HONORS' LIST to find out what topics are being researched.
Justin Esses is a webpublisher for a team uniform supply business.
Chem 210's Amanda Peterson is on the MU Tiger Gymnastics Team!
Francis Tsang is a webpublisher for GTI, a high-tech company.

Chemistry 210 Collaborative Group Projects
Chemistry 210 Group Projects.
Assignments for peer evaluations.
Completed Group Projects and Evaluations.

Organic Chemistry Seminar Schedule -- Winter Semester 1997
Dynamite Seminar Schedule -- Winter Semester 1997
MU Chemistry Colloquium -- Winter Semester 1997
Guidelines for Presentations in 410.
American Chemical Society Local Section - Lectures and Events

Glaser Group Meetings -- Schedule Winter Semester 1997

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