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Course Essentials
Syllabus, Schedule, Reviews, Class List, Literature List, The Final Learning Experience
Periodic System of the Elements (No ChemWebSite should be without it!)
The Journal of Chemical Education Internet, The Chemistry Place
SHOWME Accounts, SHIVA Accounts, CH433W98-L Discussion List
Viewing and Printing Acrobat Reader pdf files.
The Students Speak: Teaching Evaluations!

Chemistry 433 Semester Projects
Introduction to the Collaborative Term Projects.
Project Page: Topics and peer evaluations.
Assignment of Project #1. Peer review instructions for Project #1.
Assignment of Project #2. Peer review instructions for Project #2.

Chem 433
Software & Webware

The article "The Mechanism of Covalent Bonding" (including
color pictures!) can be found as a pdf file on the JCE web site.

Problem Assignments
Instructions concerning the organization of the
General Exercises Assignments: The Paper of the Week Club.

Specific Exercises
Assignment No.1, 2/2: Calais p. 19-24.
Assignment No.2, 2/9: Calais p. 37-44.
Assignment No.3, 2/18: HMO Problems and Calais p. 103-128.
Assignment No.4, 3/25: Theoretical Level Dependency.
Carbonmonoxide || Propene and Cyclopropane
Rotational Barrier in Formamide
1,3- and 1,4-Pentadiene

Entering the
Acrobat Reader Files of Exams
Unhappy about your performance?
Under Stress? Cheer up, things could be much worse.
Relax in the DILBERT Zone or get a load of the DOONESBURY Electronic Town Hall.

Test 3 - The Final, Histogram for Final, Histogram for Course.
Performance after 2 tests, 2 quizzes and 2 projects: Histogram.
Quiz 2, Appendix, AK.
Test 2, Suppl. Material, AK, Histogram.
Quiz 1, AK.
Test 1, AK, Histogram.

Organic Chemistry Seminar Schedule -- Winter Semester 1998
Dynamite Seminar Schedule -- Winter Semester 1998
MU Chemistry Colloquium -- Winter Semester 1998
Guidelines for Presentations in 410.
American Chemical Society Local Section - Lectures and Events

Glaser Group Meetings -- Schedule Winter Semester 1998

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