SYLLABICATION: ex.em.plum. NOUN: Inflected forms: pl. ex.em.pla
1. An example. 2. A brief story used to make a point in an argument or to illustrate a moral truth. ETYMOLOGY: Latin.

PRIMO: A standard exemplum is provided by the most up-to-date CIITN Level-4 sample assignment. The core assignment can be combined with preparatory assignments and a good exemplum for such a sequence is provided by this CIITN Level-4 sample multi-part assignment.

SECUNDUS: Follow the Current Courses button on the CIITN web portal to see CIITN assignments made since WS04 at MU and elsewhere. In addition to Organic Chemistry, this includes exempla in General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Analytical Chemistry... and more are on the way... Medicinal Chemistry coming in 2005!

TERTIUS: See Dr. Glaser's course web pages; all his online course materials include CIITN assignments and make bona fide exempla.

QUARTUS at magnus maior maximus: Have it your way! CIITN is flexible, adaptable, and expandable.

Look at the Level-4 sample assignment as a four-course menu: Abstract = Soup, Structures & Models = Salad, Portfolio Creation = Entree, and Portfolio Peer Review = Dessert. Start with Soup-only or with Soup & Salad. Or go directly for the entree, skip soup and salad, go for the beef, and make the menu more sophisticated later. How about it? Aren't you getting hungry?
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