A key feature of online publishing is access to national and global information. To benefit from this access, one needs to develop first an awareness of the extraordinarily increased accessibility. One can only find new things while looking for new things. But how does one look for new things? - Looking around in a curious manner helps!

Let's restrict ourselves, however, to English language newspapers for now. So, where to look? The New York Times and the Washington Post make a good start. Get the West Coast view from the Los Angeles Times. Take a look across the Pacific and browse the Japan Times. Think regional, national, and global and find the appropriate newspapers by way of an online directory service, e.g. Missouri Newspapers (find such a website for the state you are living in!), Online Newspaper Directory, World Newspaper Directory, NewsDirectory, NewsLink, ScienceDaily, PressDisplay, ... You might visit newswise, a search tool for reporters, or EurekAlert!, the AAAS media advisory service. Also, it never hurts to browse an encyclopedia and free Wikipedia encyclopedia is worth a visit and the Britannica is a daily must-browse anyways.

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