After taking the MCAT, I have realized that as students we misprioritize our education. Most students (and can you really blame us), approach a class with the top priority of receiving an A ... In retrospect I have learned that it isn't t the grade, but how much you learn that is important. Furthermore, for anyone pursing a medical career or planning on taking the MCAT, I think it is imperative that they learn how to read.

This brings me to your Chem 212 class. We all complained about the Chemistry in the News readings and projects. But this is in fact the type of learning that will actually help students perform well on reading comprehension tests like the MCAT. Unfortunate as it may be to some, in life and in our careers especially science careers it is imperative that one can learn how to successful comprehend text. For these reasons I believe the curriculum you are trying to introduce serves the students educational needs, although we might not always want to realize it!