hey Dr. Glaser:

I think what your doing with the course is great. I was the student Thursday who said he wanted to learn "basic" textbook organic chemistry. I wasn't trying to offend you ... I thought I could just read the textbook the night before the test and do well, like every other class. But I can't do that in your class and I thank you, because classes here are not challenging and teachers are only requiring the bare minimum from their students. I realize, even when you were explaining yourself to me in class, that you were right. Incorporating these articles and facts is very important. It makes use wiser and maturer people. I don't want to be a person who only knows textbook facts, I want to know how things work around us, how chemistry is involved in our lives. And it seems like your trying to do that, showing us that there is more to learn than just what a textbook has in it. When Friday's lecture came I think it was the best lecture I have heard so far and it's because I finally decided to listen to what you were saying and not just sit in my chair and gripe about how I thought you discouraged ..., if you can change my view I know you can change others. Your really doing a great job.

Charles Parker, March 2003.