Dr. Glaser,

I personally liked the CIITN component of the class. I really felt that it was a great way to show the practical or rreal world side to the chemistry that we were learning. I think that it was especially useful in the 210 class because of the demographics of the class. The class was primarily pre-professionals of some sort that have limited interest in raw chemistry. There were very few students who truly wanted to take the class due to their interest in chemistry. Showing us how what were learning applied to our every day lives really made the Cs and Hs a lot more interesting. By turning a board full of zig zag lines  into how the ozone is being depleted or how hydrogen cars work really brought my interest in chemistry up dramatically. I also found myself becoming a way more involved reader in that I would actually try to apply what I learned in class to current chemistry articles. I also found that I became a more aware person as a whole now that I really understand somee of the environmental issues we studied in class. I also really liked the group aspect of the cla. H have found more and more how important collaboration is in the learning process. I still study regularly with my old chem group.

Evan Cameron, August 2005.