I am a student in Dr. Glaser's class and must say that this class has been a welcomed change in my academic schedule. His use of the Internet and other technology in computers is amazing because I can say, without doubt, it changes your way of thinking. I actually liked this class and part of that reason was due to the use of computers. Before every test, the last bit of studying I'd to as review would be to consult the online links to other websites or do some of the recommended activities. This was very helpful, considering every test had some type of question relating to the weblinks. The best part of the course, I can say, is when we had the opportunity to actually make our own "Chemistry Is In The News" Project with our groups. It was fun in the sense that we not only learned about team work, but the main idea was to use the Internet to find articles relevant to Chemistry. This is very important since finding out how the classroom material we learn actually applies to everyday life, and technology is a big part of this learning process. Anyway, in response to some of the other professors' comments, I believe students are much better equipped to think independently than even several years before. Working with the Internet or other technology required one to think of what information he/she needs and from such a broad number of resources, decide how to narrow their search. It is very important for students to use technology in this day and age, and I'm actually looking forward to how our final will be set up to include

Mona Hdeib