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Here are a few pictures from a trip to the Symposium on Structural and Mechanistic Organic Chemistry in honor of Prof. Allinger. The conference was at the University of Georgia, Athens, in the first week of June in 1997. Mike Lewis and I (Rainer) drove to Athens starting Monday afternoon, June 2. Mike had it all planned out using modern WWW route planning technology. The technology still has a few bucks but it shows promise without a doubt.

The conference was really international and the program was excellent. Mike contributed a poster on his work on nucleophilic additions to cumulenes and Rainer gave a plenary lecture on dipole aligned materials with nonlinear optical properties.

Professor Allinger and his charming wife

Allinger & Wife

Mike's Poster

"Mike showed a poster on his higher level studies of the hydration of carbodiimide."

Professor Eliel gives the Laudatio at the Banquet

Eliel's laudatio

Professor Allinger receives Award.

Allinger receives Award

Mike and Rainer at the Banquet.

Banquet with RMMM

"Mayumi and Miyoko came all the way from Rikkyo University in Tokyo, Japan."

Professor Allinger plays Piano

Allinger plays piano

"My musician friends still can't believe I am a chemist."