Department of Chemistry
University of Missouri-Columbia
Glaser Group Meetings, FS 2000

Prof. Rainer Glaser
Day, Time & Room: Thursdays at 8-10 pm, Chemistry Conference Room 125I.
Usually, the speaker of the day provides food & beverages.
* indicates week with S&B seminar

Regular 1-on-1 Meetings are scheduled as follows:
Mike: 11am on Monday; Sundeep: 11am on Tuesday; Laxma: 1pm on Tuesday;
Martin: 11am on Thursday; Nathan: 11am on Friday; Brian: 1:30pm on Friday.

August 24 Rainer: The Big Picture
August 31 Martin: Dinitrogen.
* September 7 Mike talks in S&B; no evening group seminar.
September 14 Thomas Carl: His Research Conducted in Germany.
* September 21 Coffee House Meeting, Applause Cafe
September 28 Nathan: Progress Report.
* October 5 Martin: His ACS lecture in Phys. Chem.
October 12 Sundeep: Her ACS lecture in Org. Chem.
Wednesday, 6-7:30, * October 18 Mike: His ACS lecture in Org. Chem.
October 26 Midwest Meeting St. Louis
* November 2 Laxma: Progress Report.
November 9 Coffee House Meeting, Applause Cafe
* November 16 Brian: Progress Report
November 23 Thanksgiving
* November 30 Nathan: Progress Report (Experimental Work)
December 7 Martin: Progress Report (Programming)
* December 14 Going out for Dinner