Department of Chemistry
University of Missouri-Columbia
Glaser Group Meetings, WS 2000

Prof. Rainer Glaser
Day, Time & Room: Thursdays at 3:00-5:00, Chemistry Conference Room 125I.
Usually, the speaker of the day provides food & beverages.

Regular 1-on-1 Meetings are scheduled as follows:
Tuesday @ 11:00a Sundeep; Thursday @ 11:00a Martin; Friday @ 11:00a Mike.

January 13 Setting up the schedule
January 20 Mike: Quads & Alphas.
January 27 S & B Seminar: Musser
February 3 Rainer talks at the Teaching Renewal Conference at 3pm
February 10 S & B Seminar: Glaser
February 17 No meeting (NIH deadline coming!)
February 24 S & B Seminar: Tanner
March 2 Coffee Hopuse Meeting: Isodemic Reactions.
March 9 S & B Seminar: Worcester
Friday, March 17 Lunch at the Faculty Club. Celebrate!
March 23 S & B Seminar: Wong
Wednesday, April 5 Mike: His Cornell Talk
April 6 S & B Seminar: Plummer
April 13 Coffee House Meeting
April 20 S & B Seminar: Quinn
April 27 Sundeep: Benzynes!
May 4 Final's week. Mike talks around 4 and we'll go for dinner afterwards.