Department of Chemistry
University of Missouri-Columbia
Glaser Group Meetings, WS 2001

Prof. Rainer Glaser
Day, Time & Room: Thursdays 4-6pm, Chemistry Conference Room 125I.
Usually, the speaker of the day provides food & beverages.
* indicates week with S&B seminar

Regular 1-on-1 Meetings are scheduled as follows:
Brian: 11am on Monday; Sundeep: 11am on Tuesday; Martin: 11am on Thursday; Laxma: 11am on Friday;
Nathan: 1:30pm on Tuesday; Hong: 1:30pm on Wednesday; Mike: 1:30pm on Friday.

January 11 Coffee House Meeting
January 18 Rainer: Guanine Deamination.
January 25 NO MEETING. Rainer visits MU and OSU.
* February 1 Mike: Aggregates between Guaninediazonium and Cytosine
February 8 Sundeep: Making Uracils. (Nature)
* February 15 Hong: Chemistry of Alpha-Hydroxynitrosamines.
February 22 Nathan: Supercomputing & Progress Report.
* March 1 Laxma: Progress Report. Japanese Dinner at Osaka
March 8 Brian: Progress Report.
* March 15: Sundeep: Her ACS lecture in Org. Chem.
March 22 Martin: His ACS lecture in Comp. Chem.
April 5 ACS Meeting in San Diego
* April 12 Dr. Raman speaks today in S&B
April 19 Thomas Lecture
* April 26 Coffee House Meeting, Procurement
May 3, @ 2pm Michael Lewis, Presentation and Defense of Ph.D. Dissertation, "Title"
* May 10 Coffee House Meeting, Moving/Space Assignments
May 17 Going out for Lunch (Faculty Club)