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Here are a few pictures from a trip to the 1997 Midwest Theoretical Chemistry Conference which was held at the Beckman Institute of the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign in late May.

I (Rainer), Mike, Stephanie and Rhonda drove to Urbana in the afternoon of Thursday. Don Steiger drove up a bit later the same day.

The conference featured invited lectures, contributed planary talks and poster sessions. Rainer gave a talk on Dual Substituent Parameter LFER and Mike and Don had posters.

Don's Poster

"Don showed a poster on the mathematical derivation of an alternative fast multipole method."
Click here to read the abstract of the poster.
This poster is available in electronic form.

Mike's Poster

"Mike showed a poster on higher level studies of the hydration of carbodiimide."
Click here to read the abstract of the poster.

Stephanie and Rhonda had a blast at their first Chemistry Conference!

Rhonda and Stephanie

Kathleen Kilway joined us at the banquet.