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Here are a few pictures from our trip to the ACS Regional Meeting in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in the fall of 1996. We -- that is Sarah, Grace, Mike, David and Rainer -- drove up in David's minivan on Wednesday. The conference lasted through Friday and we presented two posters and two talks. Friday after lunch, we turned west to cross the state to head for Mount Rushmore. Explored Mount Rushmore Friday night (snowing) and Saturday morning (just before the fog) and then headed east to the badlands. Returned home Sunday night.

Pictures of some events -- such as the banquet on Thursday evening -- are missing since there were problems with my flash. And many other important events (our near-crash at that damn intersection in the middle of nowhere, the 'little hunting accident', the gambling excesses, ...) remain undocumented. We might add more pictures as they become available from the fellow travellers.

David's Poster Presented in the Physical Division

" David showed a poster on density color-coded gradient vector fields.
This poster is available in electronic form."

Presented in the Organic Division Sarah's Poster

"Sarah and Grace showed a poster on NLO materials."

Corn Palace Going west and visiting the Corn Palace.

"Some of their basketball superstars DO have quite strange names."

Just before the really thick fog moved in The Presidents

"Mount Rushmore at last! So, which faces should be added next?"

It is a wide country ... On the Road in SD

"On a dirt road between Mount Rushmore and the Badlands."

The Badlands are out of this world The Badlands

"Half an hour after this picture was taken, we were lost!"

All you need in one store ... Store in Scenic, SD

"Showers, gas and food is all you need. "

... and a saloon across the street. Saloon in Scenic, SD

"I like Tequilla."

Sunday Dinner at KC Barbecue Back in Civilization

"Celebrating a good trip and Sarah's birthday."