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Teaching Philosophy and Technology
Rainer Glaser's 1994 Teaching Statement
Chemistry as a Liberal Art
The Boyer Report: Reinventing Undergraduate Education.

New Tools for Teaching by James J. O'Donnell, University of Pennsylvania
A Distance Learning Faculty Guide by M. Clay and R. Grover, ESU
Cooperative Learning, University of Tennessee
Electronic Resources, by Dr. Ellsworth
CoVis - Learning Through Collaborative Visualization Project

World Wide Web Based Teaching Technology
From Internet 101 to Web Based Teaching
The World Wide Web as an Instructional Tool
Web Explodes with Chemical Applications
Doing Chemistry in a Virtual World
Discovery-Based Stereochemistry Tutorials Available on the WWW
World Wide Web: Gateway to Effective Learning
The World Wide Web: A Technology to Enhance Teaching and Learning
Critical Thinking on the World Wide Web.
Libraries of Purdue University. "Evaluating World Wide Web Information.
Grassian, E. "Thinking Critically About World Wide Web Resources.
Janicke, L. Resource Selection and Information Evaluation.

WWW Sites Employed in Teaching
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FS '98 | WS '98 | FS '97 | WS '97 | FS '96

Archive of Rainer's Cumulative Organic Chemistry Examinations
Acrobat pdf files, Outcome (pass/fail)

April 1999 (5/0)
October 1998 (6/3) | March 1998 (4/0) | September 1997 (7/0)
Acrobat pdf files, Outcome (2-point-pass/1-point-pass/fail)
May 1997 (2/3/2) | November 1996 (2/2/2)
June 1995 | March 1995
Archive of MU Cumulative Organic Chemistry Examinations

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