Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary contains 1 items relevant to this query. (1605) 1 a: made up of accumulated parts b: increasing by successive additions 2 a: tending to prove the same point <~ evidence> b: additional rather than repeated <~ legacy> 3 a: taking effect upon completion of another penal sentence <~ sentence> b: increasing in severity with repetition of the offense <~ penalty> 4: formed by the addition of new material of the same kind <~ book index> 5: summing or integrating overall data or values of a random variable less than or less than or equal to a specified value <~ normal distribution> <~ frequency distribution> --

Archive of MU Cumulative Organic Chemistry Examinations
Acrobat pdf files, Outcome (2-point-pass/1-point-pass/fail)

May 1997 (2/3/2) Dr. Glaser
April 1997 (2/2/1) Dr. Loeppky
March 1997 (2/0/5) Dr. Loeppky
February 1997 (0/2/6) Dr. Harmata
January 1997 (5/2/0) Dr. Gates
November 1996 (2/2/2) Dr. Glaser
October 1996 Dr. Pulley
June 1996 Dr. Pulley
June 1995 Dr. Glaser
March 1995 Dr. Glaser